Tuesday, June 30, 2020

YA Guy Launches... DAUGHTER OF DUST!

YA Guy is thrilled to announce the publication of my new novel, DAUGHTER OF DUST! The first volume in the Book of the Huntress trilogy, this is a novel I've worked on for many years, and it's become very close to my heart. Here's the cover, plus a blurb:

Michelle Simmons watched the eerie yellow fire consume the countryside on her seventeenth birthday. Cut off from home, she's lost in the desolation that remains. When Michelle is discovered by other survivors under the command of Jason, a ruthless leader with a mysterious past, she fears she may never be freed to search for her missing family. And when a video surfaces showing nightmarish creatures with the ability to mimic human beings, Michelle is sure the end has come.

But then Kareem, a teenage boy, arrives in Jason's camp claiming to have lost all memory except one: there is a city nearby, a city that holds the secret to the attacks that shattered Michelle's world. He can take her there, if she's willing to risk leaving Jason's camp behind. What Michelle doesn't know is that there are other, more sinister secrets hiding in the scarred city. And that Kareem might not be what he claims to be.

You can order DAUGHTER OF DUST from Amazon at the following links:

I hope you love this book as much as I do. And please remember to leave a review--authors rely on reviews to get the word out about books readers love!