Friday, January 2, 2015

YA Guy Looks Forward to... Great Books in 2015!

Well, YA Guy's debut year has come and gone--but that doesn't mean I don't have lots to look forward to in 2015! Let's start with ten YA/MG books I'm super excited about, listed in order of their release!

Tom Isbell, The Prey. Amazing-sounding dystopian novel from one of the nicest guys (and best writers) I know. Release date: January 20.

Dianne Salerni, The Inquisitor's Mark. The sequel to the fantastic Middle Grade novel The Eighth Day. Release date: January 27.

Aisha Saeed, Written in the Stars. A terrific story from one of the leading young voices in the movement to diversify YA. Release date: March 24.

I. W. Gregorio, None of the Above. How many YA novels feature intersex characters? I'm really looking forward to this one! Release date: April 7.

Lynne Matson, Nil Unlocked. The sequel to the hugely entertaining Nil, one of my favorite books of 2014! Release date: May 12. 

Kelly Loy Gilbert, Conviction. One of the finest pure writers I've encountered in YA (or anywhere) with her debut novel about family and faith. Not to be missed. Release date: May 19.

Stephanie Oakes, The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly. A modern retelling of a Grimm fairy tale. I've been waiting on this one for a while! Release date: June 9.

Austin Aslan, The Girl at the Center of the World. If you loved The Islands at the End of the World (and who didn't?), you'll love this sequel, which I had the good fortune to read in manuscript. Release date: August 4.

Kat Ross, Some Fine Day. An environmental thriller set in a future world of super-storms called hypercanes. The collapse of Strange Chemistry delayed the release of this book in hard copy, but it's already out as an e-book and will be available in paperback February 17!

Sarah J. Schmitt, It's a Wonderful Death. Another near-casualty of Strange Chemistry's demise, this novel about resurrection was resurrected with the help of my agent, Liza Fleissig! I've been dying (no pun intended) to get my hands on this one! Release date: not set.

I've already pre-ordered most of the books on this list, and the first two are due in mere weeks. Ready... set... read!


  1. Great News! My release date has been set for Oct. 6, 2015!!! And thanks for the shoutout!!!