Tuesday, December 30, 2014

YA Guy Looks Back on... His Debut Year!

The seventies rock group Boston wisely tells you, "Don't look back." (And Mark Twain or Satchel Paige or somebody like that says something similar.) But come on, this was YA Guy's debut year, and I can hardly avoid reviewing some of the highlights. No lowlights, though. I'm sure there were some, but they hardly matter next to how wonderful this year was for me as a writer!

Vanity plate!


Introducing James Dashner in Pittsburgh!

Finished books!

Launch party!

Day 1 at Barnes & Noble!

Book signing and display!

In libraries!

Meeting my agent, Liza Fleissig, at New York Comic Con!

On a panel with James Dashner, Scott Westerfeld, Pierce Brown, and others at the Con!

School and library visits!



It's been an amazing year! See you all in 2015!


  1. It HAS been an amazing year for you!! While other authors may have had the fun of ARCs and finished books, launch parties and school visits ... OMG, being on a panel with James Dashner and Scott Westerfeld, wow wow wow! That is NOT something the majority of us get to do! I hope 2015 is just as exciting for you!!!