Saturday, August 23, 2014

YA Guy Presents... The August "9 on 9" Feature!

It’s exactly ONE MONTH before Survival Colony 9 debuts! As you can imagine, YA Guy is excited, nervous, exhausted, overwhelmed: all those things everybody tells you you’ll be in the month leading up to your debut but no one believes until you’ve gone through it yourself!

For the final “9 on 9” feature before my book’s release, I thought I’d focus on mysteries. Survival Colony 9 is full of them, partly because my narrator, Querry Genn, has lost his memory, partly because so much knowledge from the old world has disappeared in the series of cataclysms that produced the world of the novel, and partly because people in Survival Colony 9 have a lot to hide! And that’s not even counting the Skaldi, whose ability to consume and mimic human hosts adds a whole new layer of mystery to the story! So read on—and to learn the answers to these mysteries, make sure you pick up a copy of the book!

  1. What lies in wait for Survival Colony 9 in the unexplored western desert?
  2. Why does Laman Genn decide to establish a permanent encampment?
  3. Why are Korah and her boyfriend Wali quarreling?
  4. Who’s behind the unrest in Survival Colony 9?
  5. What does Petra know about the Skaldi that she’s not telling Querry?
  6. What is Aleka planning without Laman’s knowledge?
  7. Which teenagers are on Querry’s side—and which aren’t?
  8. Is there a Skaldi hiding in Survival Colony 9—and if so, who?
  9. What vital information has Querry forgotten—and will he remember in time?

To be entered into a drawing for a signed copy of Survival Colony 9, just leave a comment below or contact me via my website, telling me which of these mysteries you can’t wait to find out the answer to. If you leave me your address, I’ll also send you some signed SC9 swag!

Thirty-one days and counting....

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